My advice is to become the Queen or King of NO. You have to get to use to saying NOwhen it comes to distraction for your practice time. Maybe the people you try to please are the ones who hold you back from making progress in your singing routine.I often get complains from my singing students that they have friends and family members or partners who are constantly taking advantage of the singers time. The action the singers are taking of people pleasing is causing the set backs in their vocal and musical development. They never have enough time to practice, study and reach singing goals.So ask yourself:💗Are you people pleasing without even realising it?💗How do you know when you are people pleasing?💗Do you say YES when people ask for your time when you really mean NO? 🚊Way out: Train to say NO. And NO is a full answer.Underneath you see a photo of me performing the title role in TURANDOT. I would never have achieved my wonderful stage career as a dramatic soprano singing glorious main opera parts, nor would I have been able to have found the international Institute Stimmkunst in Zürich, if I would not have my crystal clear goals in mind. So I want to encourage you: 🌟Have your attention on your goals.🌟

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