Are you a young singer in your first engagements or a student dreaming of a career as an opera singer? Then you are exactly in the right place, and I am happy that you found me! ❤️With the decision to become a singer and the desire to stand on a stage and succeed as a celebrated singer, we usually enter a world of seemingly endless demands, promises and more promises.Even in my youth, I was fascinated by the human voice. Already as a teenager I sangboth as a soloist and in choirs.Many of my experiences from my first years on stage and the previous years of study have helped me to understand and support students and young singers in every situation. I am happy to pass on my extensive knowledge and experience in my lessons and master classes.My SONARAVERA® method is the essence of my many years of experience. It guides you to enter the profession as a self-determined singer with vocal resonance and charisma!

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